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Custom Software

EACS offers custom software design to fit any need. Our Engineering staff revues each individual software design request and chooses the correct development tools to best design each individual software package. We strive to complete each software design with the most efficient and user friendly interface possible while not compromising reliability. We are staffed with two Software Engineers with Computer Science degrees from the Computer Science Engineering department of the University of Tulsa. We also have a number of consultants available to expand our programming capabilities.

Currently Supported Development Tools

C/C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Pascal, COBOL, FORTRAN, Assembly Languages
SQL/MySQL Database Design, MS Access Database Design
Web Application Design in HTML, XML, Java, Perl & PHP Scripts


Currently Supported Platforms include

Microsoft Windows, Linux, MAC OS
RS232, Parallel & USB port Interface Software
Unix / Linux Script & Binaries
iOS & Android Development


Software Project Examples

Blue Cards - Inventory / Purchasing Management System (DOS)
Blue Cards for Windows - (Under Development)
Docket Manager - Docket Management Tool for Court Systems
Investment Tracking Database
TimeCard - Time Card Calculator and Database
Insurance Calculator (DOS)
Photo Gallery (PHP), Web Shopping Carts


Please contact our Software Engineering Staff for software design requests

Russ Sanders
Phone : (918)286-2816