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EACS provides custom network setup for each individual client. We examine the software, users, estimated system traffic and existing equipment in order to suggest the most efficient and cost effective network setup to meet the individual requirements. We recognize that some network setups require a high performance server based system while others require a simpler peer to peer network installation. We provide the necessary training and information so that the client will be able to administer most of the network functions without seeking outside consultation. We strive to setup the network in the most intuitive manner for ease of use, understanding and administration.

Complete Internet Solution

EACS provides installation and setup for your Internet requirements. We will provide setup for an individual computer, multiple computers, proxy server, dedicated Internet server, dedicated Intranet server. We suggest COX Cable for broadband service unless unavailable in your area.
Remote Access through VPN, Remote Desktop, Site to Site VPN
Internet Security with Linux Based Routers and Firewall
Complete Malware Prevention System using Spam and Virus Filters

We also provide all of your Web & Mail hosting needs.

File Server - Ability to share data files among workstations (with File Security)

Print Server - Ability to share printers among workstations

Mail Server Exchange Server with the ability to send/receive E-Mail internally to the company

Proxy Server / Router - Ability to have workstations connect to Internet with one modem

Fax Server - Ability to send faxes from workstatoins using one dedicated fax/modem

SQL Server - Database Server

Remote Access through Remote Desktop and/or VPN connections

Supported Network Setups

Microsoft Peer to Peer Network Setup
File & Printer Sharing without a dedicated server

Microsoft Server and Domain Platform
Active Directory Domain, File, Printer, IIS (Web & FTP)
Exchange Mail, SQL, HTTP

Linux (CentOS/RedHat)
Servers: Web (HTTP), Mail, Proxy, PHP, FTP, MySQL