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Custom Electronic Designs

EACS offers custom Electronic design to meet any needs. We range from simple Discrete Electronic Design to MicroController based Electronic Designs. Our Engineering staff revues each individual design request and suggests the most cost effective and reliable components to meet the design criteria. Our staff includes an Electronics Engineer with Air Force Training and more than 25 years of experience in the Electronics Industry. His specialties include Extensive knowledge of electronics components, electronics design with cost considerations, printed circuit board layout with production considerations, and purchasing. Our staff also includes a Software Engineer with a Computer Science degrees from the Computer Science Engineering department of the University of Tulsa His specialties include digital electronics design and microcontroller assembly programming.
We have a number of consultants available to expand our design capabilities. Among these include Doctorate Instructors from the University of Tulsa Electrical Engineering Department the Universities resources.

Currently Supported Micro Controllers
Intel Based MCUs - 80C51, 87C51, Philips 87c750, 87c751, 87c752
Motorola Based MCU's - 68HC05 Family, 68HC11 Family, 68HC705 Family
PIC 16 / PIC 17 Microcontroller
PEEL and PAL Controls

We are capable of utilizing any additional Micro Controllers necessary

for Example - Intel 80x86 Family CPU's


We have extensive firmware libraries

Analog to Digital - Current, Temperature, Voltage Readings
Digital to Analog - Digital Voice Recording and Playback, Wave Simulation
Multi Character Displays - Vacuum Flourescent Display, LCD Display
LED Displays - 7 Segment Display, Large Character Dot Matrix Display
Clocks / Timers / Counters / RS232 / RS485 / PC Parallel Port Interface
Non Volatile Storage - EEPROM, NVRAM User Interface & Setup Options

Electronic Design Project Examples
Hydropier - Water Irrigation System
Low Power Hunting Lamp with Dimmer
Automobile Alarm
Alarm Clock with 4 Alarm Settings
Sensor Activated Voice Playback System
High Pressure Power Washer
Brake Monitoring System
Hot Air Popcorn Vending Machine
24 Channel Thermocouple Meter & Alarm
Hamburger / Chicken Cooker
High Current Meter
400/900Mhz Wireless Communications System


Please contact our Electronics Engineering Staff for software design requests

Russ Sanders (918)286-2816 or Ron Sanders (918)834-1837