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Electronic and Computer Solutions

8120 E 12th Street, Unit A
Tulsa, OK 74112
(918)286-2816 Fax (918)834-9391
(a subsidiary of Electronic Assembly Corporation)



Our typical computer assembly

ASUS Motherboard
Intel Processors (Core iX, Xeon)
Lifetime Warranty DDRAM / SDRAM Memory
Inwin Case and 300W+ UL Listed Power Supply
Seagate / Western Digital Hard Drives
ATI / nVidia GeForce Video Controllers
Microsoft / Logitech Keyboard and Microsoft PS/2 Mouse
US Robotics Fax/Modem
Realtek Network Controller
LSI SCSI Controller (when applicable)
ASUS Optical Drives
Brother or Hewlett Packard Printers / Scanners
Microsoft Windows Operating System
CentOS / Ubuntu Linux Server Solutions



We also supply a large selection of notebook computers